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  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Simon. I am so impressed with the focus and dedication you bring to training. You have brought me to a level I never thought I could reach. I see the difference so I will stay with the plan. It is not often I write a testimonial about someone, but you really deserve the praise you are getting. You are the real deal, for sure!

  2. My son has been training with Simon for two months and we are delighted with the results! Not only does his coach notice the difference on the field (he is definitely faster and handling the ball better) but as importantly we are noticing the difference off the field. His work ethic toward both sports and school work has changed for the better. He looks forward to working out with Simon and looks up to him as a mentor and role model. We are so impressed with the difference in him. Simon is great with kids. It is well worth it to invest in him as a trainer. We highly recommend him.

  3. Simon is the best trainer ever! I used to hate working out, and I hated feeling tired all the time. After seeing Simon twice a week for 6 weeks, all that has changed! He not only showed me the most efficient way to train, but he persuaded me to change my diet to make better choices. I now feel much more motivated to work out because I am seeing the results. Simon has been so patient working with me and helping me to find a routine I can stick with. Train with him…you will be glad you did!

  4. When I started working with Simon I was at least 20 lbs. overweight, slow and unmotivated. Now 3 months later, working with him three times a week, I have lost the weight, have incredible increased energy and I wake up every day feeling like a new man. Simon has been there for me every step of the way. He has been a great inspiration and role model for me. I no longer eat junk food, I am keeping the weight off, I feel like I look fit, and I enjoy working out. I could not have done this without him! I highly recommend Simon to anyone seeking a personal trainer who really listens to your goals and helps you reach them.

  5. Michelle S. says:

    Wow…what a difference a trainer can make! I never used a trainer before, but after spending hours at the gym and not seeing any results, I decided maybe I needed someone to help me figure out what I was doing wrong. Simon was able to design a workout routine for me that I can do 2 – 3 times a week to stay in shape and feel great. And the best part is, it doesn’t take forever and I don’t need a bunch of equipment to do it. He really listens to what you need and makes sure you get it. Thanks, Simon, I am so glad I called you.

  6. Thank you very much Simon for excellent personal training. Simon gave me many tips in terms of my diet habits and exercise. All of my family members are impressed with Simon that how he has changed my life style for the better.

    Simon is very dedicated and focused on his clients. I enjoyed each and every training sessions and every time, I learnt different exercise tips.
    I highly recommend Simon for anyone who wants to work with one of the best personal trainers in the Bay Area.

  7. Vickie Chen says:

    I really appreciate Simon a lot! My son has been working with Simon 2-3 sessions/per week since his high school Sophomore year. Simon really helps him a lot for improving his speed, ball handling, and strength. Also, Simon knows how to motivate my son to play hard, lead the team, and stay calm during the games.

    I can proudly tell you that my son has been the team captain of his high school varsity basketball team for two years. Two times team MVP. Also, the First Team Player of El Camino League for his Junior year. The El Camino League MVP and CCS Team III Player for his Senior year.

    Thank you so much, Simon. You are the best personal trainer in the Bay Area.

  8. Simon trained my daughter while she was getting ready for soccer and track. She saw immediate improvement in her strength, speed and agility. Not only did he provide expert guidance, but he was also an amazing motivator! His workouts were tough, but incredibly effective and his never ending positive attitude helped her push through each session. She couldn’t wait to come back for the next one! I highly recommend Simon!

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